Breaking: MicroStrategy Buys Additional 5K Bitcoin ($BTC) Worth $243 Million

Microstrategy has continued its Bitcoin buying streak in September as the company bought an additional 5,050 BTC worth $242.9 million at $48,099 per $BTC. The latest purchase takes MicroStrategy’s total Bitcoin investment to over $3 billion. This would also mark the Fortune 500 companies’ biggest one-time cash purchase. 

🔥Ethereum L2 TVL crosses $3 billion, Here’s What Fueling the Rise

The latest update in the ETH L2 network saw the total lock-up volume of the Layer2 cross $3 billion, according to the L2BEAT data recorded on September 13. Furthermore, the largest number of lock-up lays with the Arbitrum protocol, which has locked approximately $2.2 billion, accounting for 73.75% of the TVL.

🔥Breaking: Coinbase ($COIN) Announces $1.5 Billion in Private Senior Note Offerings

Coinbase ($COIN), one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges with over 50 million registered users has announced its first private debt offering in the form of the company’s Senior Note Offerings worth $1.5 billion. The funds raised from the offerings would be utilized towards general corporate purpose and product development.

📈WagyuSwap Explodes Towards Short Term Downtrend Line

WagyuSwap describes itself as the the First DEX (decentralized exchange) to be built on the fastest blockchain known as Velas. WAG aims to offer swapping solutions better than Uniswap or SushiSwap as it is built on a much faster blockchain. Since their token release last week, WAG has gained a significant amount of traction as the number of watchlists that added WAG on CoinMarketCap is nearing 800,000.