Breaking: Grayscale’s Three Independent Crypto Trusts Become SEC Reporting Companies

Grayscale, the world’s largest crypto asset manager made another compliance breakthrough as three of its independent crypto trust namely Litecoin Trust ($LTCG), Bitcoin Cash Trust ($BCHG), and Ethereum Classic Trust ($ETCG) became SEC reporting companies. Earlier, this year, the asset managers Digital Large Cap Fund ($GDLC) also became an SEC reporting company.

🔥XRP Lawsuit: SEC officially admit it’s failure to inform XRP is security

The latest update in the XRP lawsuit could be grounds for the final verdict. Ripple’s first request for admissions (No.99) to the SEC, which was attached to the recent court filing unveiled the most crucial information for the lawsuit, to date. The document confirms that the SEC never informed any third parties that XRP was security until the lawsuit was filed. 

🔥Breaking: Switzerland’s SIX Stock Exchange Gets Approval to Launch Digital Token Exchange

SIX, the Switzerland Stock exchange has been cleared by FINMA to launch a digital token exchange. The new entity would be called the Swiss Digital Exchange that would allow the trade of blockchain-based securities or digital tokens. The platform obtained two licenses from the country’s watchdog allowing it to offer regulated trading, settlement, and custody infrastructure based on distributed ledger technology.

🔥XRP Price Climbs 14% in 10 Minutes After False Relisting Alarm

XRP price rose to a new daily high of 1.24 after a sharp 14% gain within 10 minutes before falling to the $1.10 level. The sudden spike in the price of the seventh-largest cryptocurrency was attributed to a false listing alarm on Coinbase Pro. A technical glitch or an error on the Coinbase side led to traders seeing the XRP trading option on the platform.